Securing Your Garage Door

Garages often house valuable items, from vehicles to tools, and sometimes serve as an entry point to the rest of the house, making garage door security paramount. This article will guide you through enhancing your garage door security, types of garage door locks, the use of garage door defenders, and implementing additional security measures. If you need help, contact our local garage door installers for advice.

How Can I Make My Garage Door More Secure?

Securing your garage door can be achieved through various methods:

  1. Use a good quality, secure garage door: Invest in a sturdy garage door made from durable material. The more robust your door, the harder it is to break in.
  2. Install a lock: A good quality lock can deter burglars and make break-ins difficult.
  3. Use a garage door defender: This acts as an extra layer of security.
  4. Install a security system: This includes alarms, security lights, and possibly CCTV cameras.

What is the Most Secure Garage Door?

Sectional garage doors are often considered the most secure due to their construction and operation mechanism. They have no penetration points when closed due to the construction of the panels and the way they are fitted to the garage opening.

What Parts of the Garage Door Do Burglars Target?

Burglars typically target the weakest parts of a garage door:

  1. The lock: This is often the primary target.
  2. Door edges: These can be manipulated to pry the door open.
  3. Windows: If your garage door has windows, they can be a target as they are typically easier to break.

How Do Burglars Break Into a Garage?

Burglars can break into garages by forcing the door open, picking locks, breaking windows, exploiting weak door edges, or using technology to crack electronic openers.

Types of Garage Door Locks

  1. Deadbolts: Provide strong security but can be inconvenient as they require a key.
  2. Slide locks: Often installed on the inside of the garage door, they are secure but can only be locked and unlocked from the inside.
  3. Keyless digital locks: Require a code to open and offer good security. They're convenient but can be vulnerable to code cracking.
  4. Electronic locks: These are similar to keyless digital locks but can be synced with home automation systems. They offer convenience and strong security but can be expensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Locks

While deadbolts and slide locks offer high security, they lack the convenience of keyless and electronic locks. Keyless and electronic locks provide both security and convenience but can be more expensive and potentially vulnerable to savvy burglars who can crack codes or hack electronic systems.

Garage Door Defenders

Garage door defenders are devices installed in front of up-and-over garage doors to prevent them from being opened. They act as a highly visible deterrent to burglars.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Garage Door Defenders

Advantages include a strong physical and visual deterrent to burglars and additional security layer. The main disadvantage is that they require manual operation, and some models can be vulnerable to determined attacks.

Can Garage Doors Be Forced Open?

Yes, garage doors can be forced open, especially if they're older or lack additional security measures.

How Can You Stop Garage Doors Being Forcefully Opened?

Several measures can stop garage doors from being forcefully opened:

  1. Use a good quality door: Strong materials are harder to force open.
  2. Install a lock or defender: These provide physical barriers to forceful opening.
  3. Maintain your door and its components: A well-maintained door is harder to break into.

Garage Door Security Features

Some garage doors come with enhanced security features such as:

  1. Rolling code technology: This changes your garage door opener’s code each time it's used, preventing code grabbing.
  2. Lock mode: This prevents the door from being opened with the remote.
  3. Vacation settings: These make your home appear occupied even when you're away.

How to Secure Your Garage

In addition to the measures above, you can secure your garage by:

  1. Keeping it tidy: A disorganised garage can provide hiding places for burglars.
  2. Covering windows: This prevents burglars from seeing inside.
  3. Regularly maintaining the door and its components: This ensures everything is in working order.

Outdoor Security Light

An outdoor security light acts as a deterrent by illuminating any movement in the vicinity of your garage. Ensure it's installed in a place where it can't be easily tampered with.

Installing an Alarm

A garage alarm can alert you to any attempted break-ins. Some alarms can be linked to your home security system, while others are standalone units designed specifically for garages.


Securing your garage door is a critical step in protecting your home and possessions from burglaries. By understanding potential vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate countermeasures, such as quality locks, defenders, and security systems, you can significantly enhance the security of your garage and enjoy greater peace of mind.