Evington Valley

Evington Valley is a region in East Midlands Leicester that is surrounded to the west by East Park Road, to the north by Chesterfield/Ethel Road, to the east by Wakerly Road and borders Stoneygate to the south. The population of Evington Valley falls under the purview of Leicester City Council’s Evington ward.


This area features an amalgamation of housing types. No dwelling type accounts for over 50% of the total homes. Some of the housing types include Detached (15), semi-detached (35), Terraced (52), Flat (Converted)-4, and Flat (purpose-built)-2.

The locale that makes up Evington Valley road features a higher-than-average percentage of rented homes – 26% of housing spaces. This differs from the national average of over 16%

Ethnic Group

This area can be regarded to be more ethically diversified compared to the UK average. Generally, the UK populous is estimated to be 86% white, with Evington Valley accounting for 4% or so.

The UK has a diverse populous already and is home to other large ethnic groups, with mixed ethnicity (2.1%), Pakistani (1.9%) and Indian (2.4%) accounting for the biggest groups.

With regard to the place of birth, only 47% of people residing in Evington Valley were actually born in England, hence a large part of residents are not England natives.

Economic Activity

This area in the Stoneygate ward highlighted a higher-than-normal percentage of student residents – 20% of the residents. In general, about 9.2% of respondents were found to be students. Compared to their female counterparts, males were less likely to be active students. That data for students include both full-time studying and working students.

The figures taken into account to determine economic activity do not encompass those aged below 16 years or persons aged between 16-18 years who study on a full-time basis. This information is thus based on the 2011 census accounting for 42.4 million out of 57.8 million residents in the United Kingdom.

If you are concerned about the security and crime in this area, you should know that Evington Valley Road is found under the jurisdiction of the Stoneygate policing neighbourhood and is overseen by the Leicestershire Police force. For emergency aid, you can call 999. For non-urgent matters, call 101.

All in all, this is a good place to live and there are plenty of fun centres to have a day out with the kids.


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