Commercial Garage Door Types

When you own a business, there are numerous decisions to be made when planning to design or update the facilities. If you’re for commercial garage doors Leicestershire, then you might be wondering which style is ideal for you.

The style you pick depends on the business you’re running as well as the function of the door. In this read, we are going to look at the common types of commercial garage doors.

Overhead Doors

These doors are quite similar to most residential garage doors. They operate on a rail or track and are often designed with slats to facilitate easier movement up and down. However, they can also be a single piece that swings up.

The primary feature of an overhead garage door is that when in the open position, it’s parallel to the ceiling. It can be run manually or with a motor.

You can also get an overhead garage door in an array of materials including metal, wood and even glass. If you have run a warehouse, fire station, auto-body shop or commercial garage, then an overhead door is an ideal choice.

Roll Up Doors

The name is descriptive of how these garage doors work. Roll-up garage doors are made of numerous thin slats, which make them flexible enough to roll up into a coil. These doors become pretty compact when not in use, and tend to look more professional and tidier compared to their counterparts.

When in the down position, these doors are attached to the inner wall, making them quite secure. These doors are usually used as security doors at storefronts. They provide security at night and are out of sight in the daytime.

Commercial Gates

Of all the garage door options, these happen to be the most unique. Also known as scissor gates, commercial gates move from left to right or vice versa instead of rolling up. Sometimes, they’re designed to simply swing open and shut.

Once closed, they can lock just like a typical door. Commercial gates are made from thick steel, which offers excellent protection while allowing proper ventilation through gate holes.

Commercial gates can be utilised as an outside barrier. Some businesses ideally use them as a reinforcement to another kind of garage door.

These are some of the common commercial garage doors out there. When picking a garage door, you should consider the functions or aesthetics you’re looking for. Also, consider working with a professional to make an informed decision.