Choosing A Colour For Your Garage Door

The first impression is always made by a property’s garage door.

This has been true ever since garages sat at the front of a property. With so many houses having these layouts, it becomes important to have a beautiful garage door in line with modern standards.

Even if the door is at the back or to the side, why not spend time on making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible? To do this, it’s time to look into the colours best suited to your needs and what one should consider before making a decision.

Choosing the right colour isn’t as easy as it looks and this often has to do with the variables at play.

Exterior Elements

The first point of focus has to be the exterior elements (i.e. brick colour, window colours, landscaping). Each element has a role to play in the colour that’s eventually selected.

For example, if a property is darker in colour, it may not make sense to go with a baby pink garage door! This will look odd and stand out for all the wrong reasons!

This is why exterior elements need to be factored into the decision, so everything remains as balanced as possible.


This is often ignored but has to be kept in mind. You want a colour that is easier to manage and that often doesn’t apply to lighter shades/colours. For example, a black-coloured garage door is going to be a lot easier to manage in comparison to a sky blue door.

This has to do with how the colours manage while dealing with mud, dirt, and various types of debris.

Keep this in mind before choosing because the maintenance can ratchet up with a lighter colour.

Desired Tone

Most properties have a theme and this has to be accounted for. An example of this could be a property that has a combination of earthy tones associated with its exterior elements and you may want to maintain this underlying theme for balance.

The same applies to properties that are looking to go for a more sleek, ultramodern vibe that’s built on the shoulders of monochromatic colours.

Final Thoughts

Look at all of these variables and focus on choosing a colour that’s in line with your needs. Whether the garage door is at the front of the property or at the back, it’s always best to have a beautiful colour that stands out for all the right reasons!