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Leicester, Leicestershire, UK is a beloved and historical county in East Midlands. It was also the last historic country to register a unique flag in 2021. Its name was first recorded in 1087 in the Domesday Book, though the area has gone through some significant changes over the centuries. The boundaries of Leicestershire remain relatively similar, but the included districts and cities have continued to shift and evolve.

The Heart of Leicestershire

At the centre of Leicestershire sits the county town of Leicester which acts as a unitary authority. It runs along the River Soar and brushes against many of the different counties and settlements in Leicestershire. Leicester has separated administrative authority from Leicestershire but there is still no denying the significant influence these areas have on one another. This is easily observable in the beautiful historic architecture that remains standing.

Leicester is considered one of the oldest cities in all of England. The history of the region can be traced back more than 2000 years. A combination of Roman historical literature and archaeological excavations have revealed a great deal about the settlements that existed during the 1st century BC.

The Nearby Braunstone Town

Braunstone Town lies within Leicestershire county directly on the border with Leicester. It is a massive parish with a population of roughly 17,000 people. Thousands of homes are spread through the different residential communities in the area. Thorpe Astley is one of the most well-known settlements in the area. Similar to Leicestershire and Leicester, Braunstone was also mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Braunstone shares a long and well-documented history with the nearby regions. In the earliest days, it was connected to Leicester by Roman roads. It’s believed that early Vikings later settled in the region due. The mostly-wooded area was gradually cleared over the centuries to make room for more settlements and roads.

Modern Homes in a Historic Parish

Braunstone may be one of the oldest parishes in England, but there are still thousands of modern households in the area. It’s very common for homes in Braunstone to be built with an adjoining garage building that features an automatic garage door. Unfortunately, those garage doors and their various components can break down with regular usage.

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