Black Friars

As a visitor to Leicester, Black Friars is an area you simply must see. Travellers of any generation and with any interest should make a point of visiting this colourful and historic district.

Black Friar’s long and storied past is just one of the many reasons the neighbourhood stands out. The Dominican Friary, founded in the area in the 13th century, is the inspiration for the name of the surrounding community. In spite of the dissolution of the Friary in the sixteenth century, the region has maintained its historic name and many of its attractive features. Many of the buildings in Black Friars date back centuries, but you’ll also see newer structures as you wander the neighbourhood.

In Black Friars, the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery is a must-see. Art and relics from all over the globe can be found in this world-class museum. Exhibits here include mummies from ancient Egypt, sculptures from ancient Rome, and paintings by Picasso and Turner, among many others. The museum’s collection of dinosaur skeletons is impressive because it is one of the biggest in the United Kingdom. The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery is a must-see for any culture vulture or art aficionado.

Leicester Cathedral is another top Black Friars sight. Over 900 years after its construction, this stunning Gothic church still stands as the city’s most prominent landmark and the final resting place of King Richard III. The cathedral welcomes guests every day of the year, and guided tours highlight the building’s fascinating history and design.

Black Friars is a great area for those who love shopping and eating out. Numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars can be found in the area, in addition to a wide selection of unique stores and boutiques. If you’re hungry and want to grab a bite or sit down for a full dinner, you can do so at a variety of establishments.

When in Leicester, you absolutely must stop by Black Friars. It’s a great place to spend some time learning about because of the intriguing combination of historical sites, cultural activities, and contemporary conveniences. Make time to visit Black Friars on your next trip to Leicester; you won’t regret it!

There are many places to visit in the United Kingdom, all with their own unique charm and character. However, for many Black Friars is a truly special place that holds many dear memories. If you are on the hunt for a special location in the United Kingdom, be sure to take a visit to Black Friars.

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