Garage Door Springs

Garage door repair can be a tricky process without a proper understanding of the important garage door components, especially the springs. These components are a crucial part of the garage door opener system as they help lower and lift the door in order to alleviate stress on the actual opener motor.

Wear and Tear From Use

Garage doors are opened at least two times a day. That is over 700 times a year. Due to all this opening and closing, it is imperative to inspect your garage door springs on a regular basis. They are always under intense tension and strain and become very unsafe when damaged or not properly maintained.

Well, there are two primary types of garage door opener springs. They are known as extension and torsion springs.

Both are pretty effective and need to be properly understood before doing any door repair. Each works in a different manner and call for varying parts and designs in order to ascertain that they run effectively and efficiently.

Torsion Springs

The torsion type is often found on a rod directly above the garage door. Usually, there are two springs, separated by the spring’s centrepiece. They lift the door either with the help of an electric garage door opener or manually.

Torsion springs have a life cycle of about 10 to 15 years, depending on the level of maintenance. If a spring gets damaged, you should replace both springs at the same time. Door springs tend to become ineffective around the same time.

Extension springs, on the other hand, are found on the right and left positions of each of the side garage door tracks. These springs are generally easier to fix compared to the torsion type. However, there is still a safety risk due to the tension and strain these springs are under.

You should be able to tell what type of mechanism your garage door is using by simply inspecting it. However, it is advisable to use a garage repair service provider to handle the repair or replacement of these springs.

This is primarily because there’s a huge safety risk involved with these springs and unless you know what you’re doing, it is best to get the services of a qualified professional.

By comprehending the type of springs that your garage door uses, you should be able to make an informed decision on what kind of repairs need to be done and this will ultimately save you some time and money.

Making Sure Your Garage Door Is Secure

It’s likely that a number of valuable items are stored in your garage. If your garage is attached to your house, it may also provide access to your home. This is why you’ll want to make sure that your garage door is secure at all times.

Have A Reliable Locking System

Does your garage door lock automatically when it’s closed? If you don’t have an automatic locking system in place, you may want to fix that.

Getting out of your vehicle to lock your garage can be a hassle, and it’s something that you can easily forget on a busy day.

If your current locking system isn’t satisfactory, you may want to contact a company and have them install a new garage door opening system. If you take this route, you’ll want to consider a number of options. For example, you may want to opt for a system that can be integrated with smart devices.

Keep Your Garage Door In Good Working Order

If your garage door is malfunctioning in some way, it’s possible that you could have security problems. That’s why you’ll want to make sure your garage remains in excellent condition.

It’s smart to visually inspect your garage from time to time. If you notice any issues, you’ll want to address them as soon as you can.

If you do find that your garage door is damaged, you’ll want to have it repaired as swiftly as possible. You can try to handle the repairs yourself, or you can hire professionals that will be able to repair your garage for you.

Consider Additional Security Measures

If you’ve had issues with people breaking into your garage in the past, you might want to take extra steps to make sure that it’s as well-guarded as it can be. Extra security measures, such as an extra lock, could be a big asset. You could even consider using chains to keep your garage shut tight.

Although these measures can make it difficult for you to access your garage, they can also make it hard for anyone to access your garage without your permission. If you have doubts that your garage is safe, you shouldn’t be afraid to take some extra precautions.

It’s worth the extra effort to make sure that your garage door is secure. If you’re confident that your garage and everything in it is safe, you’ll be able to rest easy. You’ll be able to store more in your garage without any concern.