Garage Door Materials


Fibreglass doors occupy a small percentage of the garage door market. The greatest benefit of the fibreglass garage door is its durability.

Garage doors can take a lot of stress and strain over their lifetimes, and the fibreglass door is more resistant to dents than its steel counterpart.

The door is constructed of a steel or aluminium casing with fibreglass inside which makes it very light. The downside is that the fibreglass does not insulate very well. Extreme sunlight or adverse weather conditions can cause this type of garage door finish to fade.


The greatest benefit of aluminium is that it’s a lot cheaper and not as heavy as its steel counterpart.

Aluminium is a very versatile material, but it can dent easy.

Aluminium garage doors can come in many different finishes such as faux wood and other protective finishes

Wood Composite

For composite wood finishes, wooden fibres are collected and re-used.

The finish of this material is very realistic, it looks like real wood but it is also a strong, versatile material, perfect for the garage door.

If you live in an area that is prone to harsh weather conditions, then your composite wood garage doors offer increased durability.


The material that’s mostly used for garage doors and is the most popular is steel. The reason for this is the fact that steel is very easy to resource, is inexpensive, and it can withstand the wear and tear of heavy usage that a garage door experiences.

Although steel garage doors are relatively cheap most, steel doors are not insulated. It may be worth spending a little more and upgrading to an insulated model.


The garage door was first created using wood. Wood is a fantastic material both in its natural look and its inexpensive cost.

The great thing about wood is that you can change the colour and finish of your garage door, but you may have to maintain the health of the wood as it’s impacted by the weather.

Wood outperforms steel as an insulator but like for like, steel is better at conserving energy.

Commercial Garage Door Types

When you own a business, there are numerous decisions to be made when planning to design or update the facilities. If you’re planning to use a commercial garage door, then you might be wondering which style is ideal for you.

The style you pick depends on the business you’re running as well as the function of the door. In this read, we are going to look at the common types of commercial garage doors.

Overhead Doors

These doors are quite similar to most residential garage doors. They operate on a rail or track and are often designed with slats to facilitate easier movement up and down. However, they can also be a single piece that swings up.

The primary feature of an overhead garage door is that when in the open position, it’s parallel to the ceiling. It can be run manually or with a motor.

You can also get an overhead garage door in an array of materials including metal, wood and even glass. If you have run a warehouse, fire station, auto-body shop or a commercial garage, then an overhead door is an ideal choice.

Roll Up Doors

The name is descriptive of how these garage doors work. Roll-up garage doors are made of numerous thin slats, which make them flexible enough to roll up into a coil. These doors become pretty compact when not in use, and tend to look more professional and tidier compared to their counterparts.

When in the down position, these doors are attached to the inner wall, making them quite secure. These doors are usually used as security doors at storefronts. They provide security at night and are out of sight in the day time.

Commercial Gates

Of all the garage door options, these happen to be the most unique. Also known as scissor gates, commercial gates move from left to right or vice versa instead of rolling up. Sometimes, they’re designed to simply swing open and shut.

Once closed, they can lock just like a typical door. Commercial gates are made from thick steel, which offers excellent protection while allowing proper ventilation through gate holes.

Commercial gates can be utilised as an outside barrier. Some businesses ideally use them as a reinforcement to another kind of garage door.

These are some of the common commercial garage doors out there. When picking a garage door, you should consider the functions or aesthetics you’re looking for. Also, consider working with a professional to make an informed decision.

The River Soar

Located in the East Midlands region of England is the city of Leicester. There are many fascinating things to sightsee in the Leicester region. From the castle ruins to King Richard III’s Visitor Centre, you can spend many hours sightseeing.

City Sightseeing

One of the most interesting things to sightsee is the River Soar near the Castle Gardens.

The Castle Gardens is where Richard III spent many of his last days and it’s no wonder, the River Soar offers an abundance of wildlife and serene views. The River Soar boasts one of the most beautiful serene scenic views in the area.

Once a profitable commercial navigation route for the Britain area, today, this meandering river travels 28 miles through the Leicestershire area and is an ideal setting for a variety of recreational activities.

The River Soar is a breath of fresh air. Leicester’s diverse landscape is showcased right in the heart of the city.

It’s a short walk through the various riverside paths and if you’re lucky, you may even see one of the many otters who make their homes in and around the area.

Walking and Cycling

Plenty of cycling paths and footpaths line the area linking the area to the city and other outlying areas.

The river itself a part of the National Cycle Network for route 6 offers plenty of opportunities for a traffic-free experience cycling on the road and walking routes.

It doesn’t end here however, there’s still plenty of opportunities to explore the area via other landmarks such as the Castle Gardens, Abbey Park, Watermead Park, and many other great landmarks including King Power Stadium, the city of Leicesters football club.

If you’re not into sports, it’s okay, there’s still plenty to explore from King Richard III Visitors Centre to the National Space Centre. You can also take a visit through the Abbey Pumping Station, and even a variety of pubs and local cafes boasting local fare.

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, look no farther, you’ll enjoy the serenity of the River Soar while you navigate a variety of trails and scenic vistas.

Take a step back into yesteryear and visit some of the shops along the way. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail that the locals have managed to retain in their shops. Explore the myriad of opportunities to step back into yesteryear and picture yourself amongst the wealthy.

Make sure that you wear comfortable foot-ware as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Bring your camera, a picnic lunch, and plan on several days to explore all that this region has to offer. You won’t regret this visit and you’ll make many great memories as you ponder life in the 1600s.

The River Soar in Leicester has plenty of opportunities to enjoy a few days of sightseeing and exploration. There are many great Visitor activities to be enjoyed by young and old alike. Whether you’re a history buff, or simply interested in medieval life, you’re sure to appreciate the experience of visiting The River Soar.

The Geography of Leicester City

The reference for the city in the world map is latitude 52o38’06” north, latitude 1o08’06” west.

The River Soar, which runs through it, is among the few geographical features in Leicester – since it is, by and large, quite featureless and flat.

It’s on the eastern edge of the National Forest – a millennium project which aims to recreate a large forest in England’s midlands.

The city embraces many satellite towns, such as Wigston, Syston, Oadby and Forest East.

City Coverage

The city has been a unitary authority since 1997, with its very own authority powers inside the city. The city covers an area of approximately 7,500 hectares, and its population density is approximately 38 people per hectare.

The city is an ancient city and settlement – but only had the status of the city after 1919, by Royal Charter.


The city’s population had grown from less than 20,000 (it was 17,000 by the start of the century) to over 210,000 people from 1801 to 1901 – and then expanded further to the current level.

The city has 22 electoral wards, but only two of these (east and west Knighton) aren’t among the top 50% electoral wards recognised as deprived areas. 

Out in the county, the city highest point is Farndon Hill, which is 277m above sea level and located in the Charnwood Forest area.

The area is quite flat and does not have very interesting topography – other than that, you can only see a handful of low, undulating hills in the area – since it was flattened and eroded significantly in the last Ice Age. The elevation inside the city seldom reaches more than 200m and is an average of 150m above sea level.


Geologically, the city is on top of the western edge of the Trent Valley’s East Midlands shelf. It is covered with a bed of New Red Sandstone and Mudstone – all laid down mostly in the Lower Lias period.

In the west, there are coal measures from the Upper Carboniferous period. Coal mining was a very important industry for the local economy of villages around nowadays, it has faded away, and is no longer a significant contributor to the economy of the region.

The Bluefaced is a sheep breed developed for the purpose of providing raw material to the burgeoning hosiery trade that happened in the 18th Century. It is a common breed of sheep in Northern England.

Another popular breed, the Border, has surfaced at approximately the same time. While it takes its name originally from the Stilton area in Cambridgeshire, the Blue Stilton – known as the King of English cheeses – is well-associated with the city.

Local Cheese Making

Considering the city has the predominance of licensed Stilton producers (2), the county claims that the cheese is solely their own.

The cheese is associated with Stilton due to the fact it was served at a Coaching Inn, at the village of Great North Road (A1).

All four Blue Stilton producers are less than 30km (about 20 miles) away from Melton Mowbray. Melton Mowbray, of course, is the home of British Pork Pie – since it’s protected, only a Pork Pie from Melton Mowbray can be named a Pork Pie. 

Climatically, the city has England’s typical temperate climate. While the climate is similar, its temperature is quite unusual: the average temperature, surprisingly, is only 9oC. It varies throughout the year, of course, with an average of 21oC through July and August.

It has an average low of the only 1oC through December and January. The wind direction is primarily south westerly – the wind brings weather systems from the North Pole and Atlantic.

Taking Care of Your Garage Door

If you store any valuables in your garage, you want to be sure that your garage door is secure and in good condition. It’s wise to keep a close eye on your garage so that you can identify problems as they occur. These are a few things you can do to maintain your garage and keep it working properly.

Read The Manual That Came With Your Garage Door

It’s likely that your garage door came with some sort of manual from your garage door manufacturer. Even though the manual isn’t likely to be riveting reading, you should still take the time to read through it. If you look at the manual and see what it has to say, you’ll have a better idea of what you should be doing to keep your garage in the best shape.

Your manual should have a lot of information on maintenance, and it should also provide you with some basic troubleshooting tips. All of this information can be really helpful. Take a look at your manual when you have some spare time.

Inspect Your Garage Door

In many cases, you can spot issues with your garage door just by examining it. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice any problems if you don’t take the time to look. You should set aside some time every month to give your garage a visual inspection.

Don’t just glance at your garage door. Look at it closely. Pay particularly close attention to the small parts, such as the springs. If you see any issues, you should look into fixing them sooner rather than later.

Keep The Area Around Your Garage Door Clean

Garages can get very cluttered. While there’s nothing wrong with using your garage to store items, you should try to keep the area that’s right around your door clear.

Dirt can keep your garage door from functioning properly, particularly if you use a garage door opener. Dust and other impediments can get stuck around the door and stop it from functioning. Even a little bit of extra cleaning could save you a lot of hassle.

If you focus on looking after your garage door and keeping it in good working order, you will be able to avoid most problems going forward. If you do find that your garage needs to be repaired, you’ll want to call the professionals and have it fixed immediately.

Leicester Clock Tower

This tall clock tower stands on the top of a banked lawn about 300m from the road.

The tower is built in the Gothic revival style and originally was meant to be a tollhouse.

Tower Structure

It is actually an open-air stone structure with a three-storey-high clock tower. It consists of seven bells chimes which are played every twenty-four hours, by the town bell-man. It is constructed of slate, bricks, and mortar.

The shadow of the tower does a delightful dance over the surrounding city as the sun moves from east to west each day. Due to its shape and position, it can be seen for several miles in any direction.

Centre Attraction

The Clock Tower has also become one of the major attractions in Leicester’s tourism industry. Many visitors from all over the country come to see the unique clock tower.

Its presence conveys an impression to many people that Leicester is an old city, which has some truth to it. Also, during Medieval Times, the clock tower was used as a monastery.

You can also reach this point by several main routes. The best way to reach it is by travelling on Peel Street. By travelling in a southerly direction, you will find it at the corner of Peel Street and High Street.

You can also reach it from its sister buildings at Cherry Street and St. Nicholas’ Street. If you decide to make a visit to the clock tower on a weekend, you can go during the week.


The Lewes Royal Borough is responsible for preserving the buildings of the area. All regulations are strictly followed. There are strict rules that must be followed by any individual who wishes to buy a piece of land here.

It’s important to the local residents, businesses, and government to preserve the character and charm of this place. They honour and cherish their history and take whatever steps they deem necessary to protect it.

Still, that doesn’t mean being a tourist here is all that stressful. It’s a rare chance to step back in time and see how the European world used to be while enjoying modern amenities, comforts, and conveniences.

Don’t Miss Out

If your travels happen to bring you to this corner of the world, then make sure you take the time to enjoy the Clock Tower and its surroundings.

Aspiring landowners in this area love buying properties that have a view of the Clock Tower, but they must abide by the covenants and restrictions. Still, it can be well worth it given the view out the window.

The real dream is living in a place where you can leave the patio doors open and hear the clock going off every hour on the hour. You’ll always feel connected with the world around you if you do this! Even staying the night at one such place is well worth it.

Choosing A Garage Door Company

Here in the UK, having a garage is part of everyday life for many households. Of course, even though the original purpose may have been that of storing our car overnight, for most of us, we have a million and one other uses for our garage.

Garage Usage

From storing the kid’s toys to providing a haven for all those of those partly broken items that we don’t seem to be able to throw out; that’s right if your garage is anything like most people’s it is something that you would struggle to do without!

Even if you use your garage as storage, you still need to look after the door as it’s part of the security of your home.

Of course, all garages need a door and whether you find yourself in need of a new door for your garage or in the process of building a garage that needs its very first door to grace its entryway, you are likely wondering how you can make a good choice in choosing the right company.

Let’s take a look at how you can find reputable and trustworthy garage door manufacturers in the UK.

Carry Out An Online Search

Thanks to your online world, nearly all businesses advertise themselves online these days.

This means that whether you are looking for a new hairdresser, a local art supply or, in this case, a garage door manufacturer, carrying out an online search is one very effective means to compile a shortlist of possibilities.

Of course, you may not find it a worthwhile idea to choose a garage door manufacturer who is located at the other end of the country. When carrying out your search try to refine it to options that are at a reasonable distance from your home.

Ask Around For Recommendations

The great thing about getting recommendations for garage related services is that lots of people you know already have a garage.

There is every chance that at one time or another they have been in need of a garage door so try to get yourself a few good recommendations using this means.

You need to know more than the name of the manufacturer, you should also check that they were happy with the service and also that the installation didn’t take place a decade ago!

Indeed, we have a lot to thank our garages for and for many of us it would be hard to imagine life without them. If you are in need of garage door installation we hope we pointed you in the right direction.

Leicester in Numbers

The population of the city is quickly coming up to 300,000 markers, up 20,000 since the 2001 National Census.

This signifies the city’s role as the biggest city, one of the biggest areas in the East Midlands.

In addition, the city is among the 20 top cities in England for its large population.

Leicester’s Ethnically Diverse And Young Population

It is also making a splash as the most ethnically diverse city as well, with 36% of the population being Black, Asian, or other minority.

Still, 64% of residents are white, 30% Asian, 3% black, 2% ethnically mixed and 1% Chinese.

Males actually outnumber females by 2%, making up 51% of the population while females account for 49%.

The population is still pretty young, with a majority of adults being under 35 years of age. The largest age group is under 15 years of age and accounts for 20% of Leicester’s population.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy lags from the rest of the nation, with males reaching 73.6 years, and females 79 years. That compares to the national average of 75.7 for men and 80.4 for women.


Of the 110,000 dwellings, one-quarter are single-standing homes. Overall, one-fifth of the housing includes flats.

The rest of the housing is terraced or semi-detached. One-third of the households are occupied by single people, with 9% having a lone parent household.

By comparison, the national average is 30% single occupancy while 6% are lone-parent households. Nearly 60% of the housing is owner-occupied nationally.

In the city, the rate of rentals is 40%, which is actually higher than the national average of 29%. Do remember that Leicester has a transient student population that occupies nearly 10% of all housing, whereas only 7% occupy housing in other parts of England.

Overall more than half are middle class. They fall into the C1 and C2 bands, with 27% belonging to the D and E bands, or working class. A full 19% are among A and B bands.

More than 75% of the 112,000 working-aged population are engaged in full-time employment with a small percentage owning a local business.

More than 60% of the working population lives within 5 km of their workplace and 75% live within 10 km of work. The 91,000 vehicles in the city are used almost solely for commuting purposes.

Meanwhile, 17,000 take the bus to work, while the remainder takes to foot to walk to work. Leicester appears to be a healthy place for people to live, especially given the short (read: stress-free) commute that may involve walking.

Though, there is more to it as the life expectancy numbers indicate that something is impeding the ability of the city to thrive as long as the rest of England.

Looking at safety, it is important to find out whether that variable may be playing a role in the vitality and ability of the population of Leicester to thrive well into the golden years of life.

Is Leicester A Safe Place To Live?

The crime statistics are not all that great right now, as per 1000 people, the violence against an individual is at 40.

The national average stands at a low of 16.5 incidents of violence against an individual per 1000 people. That means residents are exposed to violent events at a rate of 2.5 individuals more than the average. Leicester city’s average for burglaries is at 10, whereas the national average is 6.4.

Those vehicles that are mostly used for commuting to work are prone to theft at a rate of three above the national rate, at 13. The robberies are at a rate of nearly triple with 4 per 1000 of the population.

Education in Leicester

The schools are behind the national performance as well. It has 86 Primary, 10 Special Schools, and 16 Secondary institutions. The Achievement and Attainment tables back in 2006 found that the Key Stage 4 was at 5 GCSEs with C grades or more was at 33.5. The national average was 45.8%.

The Key Stage 2 attainment for the Primary Schools was at Level 4 or more for three subjects — English 72%, Math 69%, and Science at 80%. It turns out that the Local Authority numbers are at least 7% behind national scores in every single one of the three subjects.

The city two universities: De Montfort University and Leicester University have a long history in the city.

Leicester University began in 1921 and was given full degree-awarding capabilities in 1957 through the Royal Charter. Leicester University is number 24 on the Good Universities Guide.

Forty-eight years later the Polytechnic opened its doors as a conglomerate between Technology and Art colleges. It was in 1992 it received the university designation.

The De Montfort University does ok among the Good Universities Guide, ranking 89th among a listing of 100 universities. It is neither considered the best nor the worst.