Door Types

The Different Types of Garage Door

Not sure what type of garage door is right for you?

Here is the common type of garage door mechanisms:


Up and Over Garage Door

The up and over garage door is the most popular and the one your most likely to see down most streets. The garage door relied on a spring to help lift the garage door via steel wire and drums.

Heavy garage doors will require some extra lift and so they tend to be operated by a retractable gear.

The up and over garage door installation is a relatively simple process, and this type of garage door allows maximum space for the homeowner’s vehicles.


Sectional Garage Door

This type of garage door is becoming one of the most popular in the UK and the US. The benefits are greater security and additional energy savings. You also have the option of insulation. The mechanism makes the opening and closing of the door a lot smoother.

Because of its sectional properties, the door saves a lot of room as you can park your car closer to the door and still open it.


Roller Shutter Garage Door

This door is constructed of individual steel or aluminum strips that roll up around a steel pole or roller.

Like the sectional garage door, this mechanism is a great space saver as it doesn’t open outwards like the up and over model.

Roller shutter garage doors can also be remote controlled.

Round the Corner Garage Door


Constructed from wooden panels this type of mechanism is one of the oldest methods for a garage door opening.

To accommodate larger garage openings, this method would place a sliding door on each side.

This model is still widely available to this day except it comes in many more different finishes.

Side Hinged Garage Door


Another older type of garage door mechanism is the side hinged garage door.

These days this particular model is making a comeback but being offered in many more different finishes and materials such as UPVC, wood and steel.

Most manufacturer’s of side hinged garage doors will be able to offer internal and external opening doors.

If you’d like to see the different garage door mechanisms for yourself then please give us a call.